First established in 1923 in the rural town of Moree, Assef’s is a family-owned department store with a rich history. I grew up with the Assef’s television and radio spots, and later got to know the eldest Assef daughter when we found ourselves at the same boarding school. So the business┬áhas a fond niche in my childhood memory.

Quality, heritage and great service are top priorities we wished to convey with the website’s new look.┬áThe aha! moment in the design process was drawing a visual link between the Assef’s logo with its coat of arms and underlying motto, with that of schools and universities which also tend to have these in their visual identity. There is a sort of reverence around these institutions, especially that of the older, more prestigious universities, that stuck a similar chord to what we wished to convey. With that in mind, the royal navy, maroon and cream colour palette came together. The modern font, textile patterns and custom iconography quickly followed, rounding out the design atmosphere.

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