Nivair  is a good friend and talented lady. She’s an MIT engineering grad and technical writer with a passion for penning fantastical works in her spare time. She needed a website to showcase her creative writing and be a home to all her works, including interviews and miscellaneous pieces published online.

Although Nivair didn’t need a blog yet she thought she might want one later. To save the core blog functionality for possible future use I created custom post types for Fiction and Nonfiction work to partition her writing from the blog. We also included some custom fields available to each of the Fiction and Nonfiction works: subtitles, honours, links to work hosted offsite, and optional special copyright notices.

Really happy with the highly personalised result for Nivair. 10/10 would work with her again!

  • Fully responsive

  • Homepage. Design brief was “dark, purple, scripty, mysterious yet modern”.

  • Nonfiction index