Ahh, Mass Effect. You beautiful space opera, you.

My better half introduced me to Mass Effect shortly after I relocated to Paris, and it wasn’t long before I’d finished all three games, just before the final DLC was due for release.

Introducing my Shepherd:

Commander Shepherd

Not long after in the spring (April 2013-ish) we forayed into the ME3 Multiplayer.  You only start off with a couple of characters unlocked and have to play to unlock the rest, which makes levelling in ME3 Multi seriously addictive. Boom, unlocked a new character! Aghh, must spend hours levelling it to see how powerful it is! Aghhh unlocked another character! Must spend hours levelling—you get my drift. And there are more than a few characters 59 to be precise.

Some ME3 characters

L-R: Awakened Collector, Fury Adept, N7 Paladin Sentinel, Volus Adept, Krogan Warrior, Project Phoenix

(Personal fave might be the Paladin Sentinel. He’s not a big hitter in terms of damage, but he’s a wicked all-rounder, tank, and support player. His shield is great for melee (smacking Cerberus in the face for big damage is never not fun) and for protecting teammates that are being res’d. Being able to attack and protect makes me feel more like a team player than stealing everyone else’s kills does.)

The summer rolled on and we were beginning to work our way down the list of achievements you can get banners for, when we discovered we could easier track our achievements’ progress  by logging into our accounts on Bioware Social. They call it N7 HQ.

Unfortunately, it looks like this:

Screenshot of Bioware's N7HQ login screen

The login page

The main page once you’ve logged in isn’t as clunky as the login  page. But as I was using it, I felt like… it could be cooler. So I opened Photoshop and gave it a go.

N7 HQ redesign v4-1

This is version four, and I’m pretty happy with it given that dark, technical designs are not something have explored before.

Next up for redesign is the main splash seen upon login.

Screenshot of Bioware's N7 HQ main splash screen

Lots of badges and iconography that could be re-created, looks like fun.