A website for the ZuriMED team in Zurich. They got in touch mid-December requiring a website urgently for the new year. They envisaged a site with nice animations and page-to-page transitions. To their credit, the ZuriMED team were incredibly organised and prompt to work with, and we got the website out the door in less than a month (with Christmas and New Year in the middle of said month!). They had a design and the animations they imagined at the ready, so it was simply a case of finding the appropriate tools, then getting stuck into the time-consuming animations.

Part way through the build it was discovered ZuriMED was going needed to have several other language versions. Luckily, we caught this requirement early enough that we were able to setup the CMS with Multisite in preparation for this functionality, which is due in the weeks to come.

  • Flexible design for desktop and larger screens. Separate mini-mobile site.

  • Static screenshot of all the screens that make up the homepage. Each screen is full-page. Features smooth animated transitions between pages, and some additional animations to highlight product details.

  • Gif of one of the key animations