Carrie L. Goldberg

Theme development for New York styling + creative consultancy, Carrie L. Goldberg.

Khoollect eCookbook

Twenty page eCookbook for Rachel Khoo’s Khoollect subscribers.

August WIPs

Things have been a bit busy! We recently repatriated from Paris to Sydney so it’s been pretty crazy. But it’s nice to be back home and getting stuck back into work. Here’s a few WIPs from recent weeks. Will be sure to get the portfolio updated when we go live! Can’t wait; been having a lot of fun on these.


ZuriMED screenshot

A website for the ZuriMED team in Zurich. They got in touch mid-December requiring a website urgently for the new year. They envisaged a site with nice animations and page-to-page transitions. To their credit, the ZuriMED team were incredibly organised and prompt to work with, and we got the website out the door in less than a month (with Christmas and New Year in the middle of said month!). They had a design and the animations they imagined at the ready, so it was simply a case of finding the appropriate tools, then getting stuck into the time-consuming animations. Part way through the build it was discovered ZuriMED was … read more

WIP: N7 HQ redesign

N7HQ WIP preview banner

Ahh, Mass Effect. You beautiful space opera, you. My better half introduced me to Mass Effect shortly after I relocated to Paris, and it wasn’t long before I’d finished all three games, just before the final DLC was due for release. Introducing my Shepherd: Not long after in the spring (April 2013-ish) we forayed into the ME3 Multiplayer.  You only start off with a couple of characters unlocked and have to play to unlock the rest, which makes levelling in ME3 Multi seriously addictive. Boom, unlocked a new character! Aghh, must spend hours levelling it to see how powerful it … read more

Personal projects

One of my favourite things to do as a kid was create things, and personalise them to make them my own. I expect this urge is what eventually lead me to the design and development industry. Mum has always been a big recycler, so we always had a crate of cardboard in the garage my little sister and I could dig into and have at with scissors and tape. We created bunk beds for our stuffed animals out of shoeboxes, using toilet rolls for vertical supports. When I signed up for membership to Scholastic’s Goosebumps and Animorphs clubs, each month … read more

Brock Sherman

A design completed for Brisbane web agency Unio of whom Brock Sherman is a client. The website template was already complete, necessitating a design that fit over the existing wireframe. As the website has evolved over the last six months it’s became used more directly for property listings. New theming work continues as it morphs.

Joseph Seresin

The delightful Rachel Khoo passed my details to Joseph, and I’m ever so glad she did. This boutique portfolio build of Joseph’s clean design was completed ultra-fast and was a very satisfying project thanks to his lightning speed communiqués and having a clear objective.

A Sign Design

A Sign’s in-house designer provided a bright, angular, large-screen design and a great deal of her sharp signage photography, so building this site was a real breeze with all the assets in place. This was one of the first occasions I was able to experiment with designing in the browser. Already in possession of  a large-screen design, we were able to code it up first, then optimise the design for handheld devices without having to spend much time in Photoshop doing mockups. (The site is still mobile-first even though it was initially designed for large screens.) It was a real time-saver to … read more

Traction Platform

I got to spend just over one wicked year living and playing with the Traction team in London, the European arm of Traction Digital in Australia. Their SaaS offering is multi-channel marketing platform, and it’s used by brands like Unilever and Vue Cinemas to co-ordinate their digital marketing efforts: email, SMS, social marketing competitions, and so on. Sundry duties at Traction included design and front end development for web and email, design for print, customer support, authoring email HTML/CSS best practise documents, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I was a design Swiss Army Knife. It was a really great year, … read more

Rachel Khoo

My work with creative foodie Rachel Khoo has been widely varied, which is much of the fun. Here are a few things I’ve done with Rachel: Technical maintenance Best practice consultancy Social media integrations Adventures in cookie policies Server load and visitor monitoring Implementing compression solutions to optimise website in preparation for and response to large upswings in traffic Rachel is a savvy business-woman and real pleasure to work with. She is also a generous host to her recipe guinea pigs. Having given me the opportunity to dine in her famous Little Paris Kitchen she has a life-long fan in … read more

Beyond the Sunset

A passion project for  old colleague and friend, Justin Walduck, to update the Carmarilla Australia site. Being a LARP (Live Action Role Play) group, we had the opportunity to set a dark and gritty tone which was enormous fun. The new design required separate templates for the website’s front-facing public pages vs the members area. The members area still had to be highly functional for managing membership, prestige, group elections and so on, while retaining the dark atmosphere.

Card Hunter

Game developer Jon Chey of Bioshock fame was a treat to work with on the site for his newest game, the D&D style online card game Card Hunter. I produced a set of wireframes and  a nice design over the top, but this really came to life when the game’s talented illustrator, Ben Lee, got involved. He drew over the design in the game’s colourful, cell-shaded style and it all just fell into place. He also gathered together some pieces from their physical games models and took the signature photograph that became the centrepiece of homepage. Those Card Hunter guys … read more