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N7HQ WIP preview banner

WIP: N7 HQ redesign

Ahh, Mass Effect. You beautiful space opera, you. My better half introduced me to Mass Effect shortly after I relocated to Paris, and it wasn’t long before I’d finished all three games, just before the final DLC was due for release. Introducing my Shepherd: Not long after in the spring (April 2013-ish) we forayed into the ME3 Multiplayer. ¬†You only start off with a couple of characters unlocked and have to play to unlock the rest, which makes levelling in ME3 Multi seriously addictive. Boom, unlocked a new character! Aghh, must spend hours levelling it to see how powerful it … read more

Personal projects

One of my favourite things to do as a kid was create things, and personalise them to make them my own. I expect this urge is what eventually lead me to the design and development industry. Mum has always been a big recycler, so we always had a crate of cardboard in the garage my little sister and I could dig into and have at with scissors and tape. We created bunk beds for our stuffed animals out of shoeboxes, using toilet rolls for vertical supports. When I signed up for membership to Scholastic’s Goosebumps and Animorphs clubs, each month … read more